January 18, 2011

I be wed

I read this really cute blog called pbfingers.com and the girl who writes it just got married in October. She's since been doing some really cute recaps about the most special moments, the presence of God, the behind the scenes tears of joy, etc.

So I thought I'd do a little memory recap from my own wedding last June, only this one is nothing like any of that.

This one involves my husband having about 8 drinks too many and speaking Ebonics during our ceremony.

What little girl doesn't dream of walking out on her dad's arm to arrive at the altar to find her husband-to-be standing there with a $hit-eating grin on his face that says one thing only..."I love you...and I'm drunk."

I really wasn't mad or anything because I knew he's been having a great time all with his friends on the beach, but I wasn't expecting what followed.

Minister: "Repeat after me: I thee wed."

My husband: "I be wed."

Nothing says matrimonial bliss like some cocktails and rouge Ebonics!

*Other sentimental highlights include one person's phone belting out "DROID", and another guest spilling a whole drink on himself during the ceremony. I really wouldn't have changed anything about it though, because I'm classy!