April 26, 2011

Please Don't Be Real

This is the most I've ever wished that I was being Punked.

I read the wierd food blog of a girl who seems very nice, although definitely a little alternative. I don't even want to name her name because she seems so sweet. But I will definitely tell you why I hope I'm getting punked.

This girl had a baby 6 months ago. She has been talking ad nauseum about her difficulties with breastfeeding, which I actually find interesting so I don't get grossed out.

Well now I'm grossed out. She just bought a pendant from Etsy filled with her BREASTMILK...in the shape of a moon.

If you google Breastmilk pendants I am sure you could find both the creator and the buyer of the pendants. I don't want to be personally responsible for calling her out about it. But IIIIIIICK!

I can't even bring myself to put a picture of it on DSW. (Email me at divasayswhat@gmail.com if you want me to send you the link!)

I'm going to have to stop reading that blog now. I can't in good conscience take food advice from a woman that is carrying a frozen chunk of her own breastmilk around her neck. No thank you!

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