April 22, 2011



I've been getting so much love for DivaSaysWhat.com recently! I am so grateful for all my readers.

My greatest joy in life is bringing a laugh to a fellow diva/awesome/wierd sense of humor human.

If I know that I brought you a laugh, a giggle, or maybe even a little tinkle in your pants, than I am truly fulfilled.

In case you are wondering...NO I do not make money off of my blog. NO I do not even make enough money at my real job to be the most diva I want to be. But YES I love my readers and YES I will write this redonkulous blog until my nonexistant arthritis prevents me from using computers.

The beauty of the a blog is that I can write whatever the hell I want. That means you should stay tuned for the following things that will eventually happen: moving in with my parents to save money (the horror! and that's actually happening circa mid-June), trying to raise kids without making them as absurd as I can't help being, and my husband's unbelievable choice of words regarding outfits, weight, cooked meals, and life. (I'm not pregnant but you bet your ass I will overshare for the sake of comedy when I eventually am).

If you've been with me since the hayday of the drunken fingerbash that started it all, then you know this a constant work in progress, like yours truly.

Also you would know that I am a recovering Mariah Carey addict.

Spread the word and feel the love. And please start commenting on the blog! I love the emails and fb posts, but how do people know how awesome I am if you don't make it public?!?

I heart all you beautiful bitches!

Divas 4 eva!

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