April 21, 2011

The One?

If you are a true diva, than you automatically heart the crap out of karaoke. I know I do!

But like with all important pastimes, karaoke has its own set of dangers.

One that I have run into on multiple occasions, including my last k-sesh (that’s awesome speak for karaoke session), is the “One” versus “The One” by Mary J Blige confusion.

I’ma tell you what, if you think you are about to belt out a soulful version of “One” by U2 and Miss Mary, and up pops the speedy, rap version of “The One” by MJB featuring Drake, you are in for the heart pumping surprise of your life.

Click on the links above and you will see how different they are. Both awesome, but way different!

As my sister can attest, it’s doable. Just not easy.

Choose your song selection wisely next time you pick MJB! The difference could be a greatly increased heart rate when you least expect it.

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