April 01, 2011

Fancy Pants

I hear tell that cursive is all but disappearing from the curriculum of today's youth, in articles like this.

First of all, that is not fair. Just because kids today can hack into Government Security and stalk their classmates online, and all we could do on computers when I was in lower school was play Oregon Trail, does not mean they shouldn't have to sit through an hour every other day writing loopy nonsense on that heinous grainy paper.

I still have nightmares about a time when my sister and I got in a fight and she rubbed that paper on my face. It felt like fiberglass. I think I got her back by screaming every cuss word I knew at her, not knowing that my mom was behind me listening. I of course got grounded for weeks and sister angel got nothing :( That was kind of the running theme in our house.

But I digress...

Second of all, if these kids don't know cursive when they start working, how in the world are they going to be expected to sit through staff meetings without knowing how to doodle their and everyone elses name in cursive to pass the time?!

It's an injustice to past students and future workers.

Long live cursive! (But really it's so stupid and I can barely read it when people write it well).