April 12, 2011

Asleep Behind the Pharmacy Counter

I have a cold.

Yesterday I went to buy some medicine. After finally finding <$10 generic version of something that fit my symptoms, I then couldn't tell if it was Non-Drowsy or Drowsy.

When did buying cold medicine get so damn confusing?!

I went to ask the Pharmacist if it was a Non-Drowsy version, which is what I wanted. She said, hesitantly, "Well...it has acetaminophen so it can cause drowsiness, but not necessarily." So it's Non-Drowsy?!

She seemed really unsure about what the hell she was telling me so I just decided to be dramatic and ask if it had anything major like the same ingredients as NyQuil that would donk me out.

Well I'm sure glad I asked! It was the exact same main active ingredient. If I hadn't prodded further I would have certainly taken that medicine and fallen asleep behind the wheel. I will not be frequenting that pharmacy!

With the Non-Drowsy medicine I did end up getting, I also bought Liquid Plummer and Ant Bait, so I'm pretty sure I'm on a meth-lab watchlist now.

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