April 20, 2011

Express Yourself

I’m going to start keeping a list of the things that my husband says I look like when he first sees my outfits in the mornings. Because it’s just that unbelievable. And because I think he thinks they are compliments.

So far we have the following:

1) A Newspaper – Black pants, cream colored sweater with white piping

2) A Spider – Black pants, black sweater with white designs

3) The Blue Bandit – This was yesterday. Nothing starts your morning out right more than hearing “Wooooah, it’s the blue bandit!” when walking down the stairs. I’ma go ahead and donate that shirt to Goodwill…along with my Twilight books that I was just horrified to rediscover that I own.

4) Bonus* Cocktail Edition: A flamenco dancer – Black dress with a flowy neckline. From girls I get tons of compliments on it. My husband, however, hates it. Apparently I can’t pass as a sexy Latina woman?

Either I need a stylist or he needs a thesaurus.

Stay tuned for Spring wear! That should open up a whole new category of poetic, well-intended insults.

1 comment:

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