April 27, 2011

B is for Bitch Bethenny

Oh, Bethenny Frankel. How you continue to confound me.

How did you get a man to marry you? You are mean. How did his parents give y'all their blessing to get married? You are mean to them!

How has your therapist not fired you as a client? You make undercooked turkeys into depressing flashbacks about your childhood. How can your assistant pretend so hard to be your friend? You yell at her.

I respect her as a business woman, and could even handle her abusive sense of humor if she used it 99% less of the time, but MY WORD that woman is the most self-involved nut job I've ever seen on TV. Over-analyze much? Crazy much?

Why she lets cameras in her home to film her being mean, crazy, and wearing a bra in the bathtub with her child is a mystery. Why I continue to watch this crap and let it make me so angry is another story entirely.

Any Bethenny lovers or haters out there? I can't stress it enough...she's just so MEAN! It actually makes me legitimately sad for her husband!

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