April 22, 2011

Inspired so a Giveaway

I am so overcome by the love and support of my readers these days that I've decided to do a lil' Giveaway!

Prize: Whatever you want! (within reason)

The winner, who will be picked at random on Thursday, April 28 will receive their choice of the following:

1) Baked good of your choice (cookies, brownies, poundcake, etc...anything that can be shipped next day...cupcakes not likely to stay in tact)

2) Even a healthy item (gluten free, sugar free, fat free something, you tell me!)

3) Random delights that you want (chia seeds, homemade nut butters, granola bars, etc.)

Whatever the winner wants I will give, within a making/buying budget of $25. Shipping will be next day and on DSW. Obvi US residents only. Let's be real. Diva is poor.

The inspiration is your awesome love and support...but do NOT be scurred to retweet, reblog, or just obnoxiously tell your friends about this. I would NOT be sad if I could a buttload of more readers ;)

Ways to enter:

1) Leave me a comment telling how you are a diva or ways in which the world could become more fabulous

4) Retweet this to your twitter friends

I'm hoping to get lots of entries. If I get only 10 or less, I won't be surprised and will still honor the winner. But my diva-enis might be between my legs. NBD!

Good luck all! I'm clean, sanitary, and punctual. You want to win, I know it!


  1. A roommate I use to live with and I wear tiaras while cleaning the house. This started as a joke with my roommate because we would complain about ugly we would feel with those big yellow gloves and the fumes from the products we used. After wearing the tiaras for a while we started calling our chores the our royal duties. I know it is totally lame but it makes us happy and makes cleaning enjoyable again. I recommend trying it once.

    *On twitter I am kellygirl83

  2. currently being a diva...eating pimento cheese and 'working from home' inside, whilst my parents and grandmother rake the yard.

  3. My friend and I used to dress up like divas in our pubescent years. Our favorite out fits were diva_like butterfly shirts and old men outfits. Sometimes we would dress up like old men and walk around the neighb orhood to get looks from other true divas.

  4. One divas told me one drunken night "put ceased on that shit" now that's diva

  5. I once paid $30 and procured the email 'nannybfly@honeybfly.com' to join Mariah Carey's fan club so I could get tickets to her concert. You know how this ends.

  6. I wasn't scheduled to work until 11 yesterday and I got up and went running. When I got to work I was complaining in the most divaesque fashion that my legs were sore. I finished my complaint by saying, "At least that day hate is out of the way." The term is spreading like cra-zy. Mariah may use it soon.