April 27, 2011

I am awkward, Hear me roar

I know this is going to sound crazy, because I have the world’s most self-serving blog, but I HATE talking about myself to people that I don’t know really well.

The memo that I’m leaving my position just came out today so people who haven’t spoken to me in the last year are coming up to me asking questions about my move, my job search, my ability to move to the beach even though I have such fair skin (seriously, my coworker said that).

There’s almost nothing that exhausts me more than things like cocktail parties, bridal showers, and, I just found out, funeral receptions. I don’t know why it is, and it is NOT a good quality. I just can’t make small talk. I really, really can’t. This is not helped by the fact that I lack 99% of the ability to be serious. Ever.

I could talk until I’m blue in the face about Mariah Carey, any celebrity gossip, food, travel, or things I think are funny. But if you’re an adult that is curious about my job or my excitement level to move or the future in general, you are barking up the wrong tree. B/c this tree is an awkward sonofabitch.

I seriously need a nap right now because 3 people in the last hour have made me answer questions about when I’m leaving, if I have a job, and if I’m excited. For most people, that is called "normal social interaction." For me, it's reason enough to take a half-diva-day.

Humans, we have a problem!

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