April 07, 2011

Oojaboo and Ninjas Too

This will only be interesting if you care a lot about UNC men’s basketball and even a little about sports in general, but yesterday I saw something pretty cool.

After watching this video yesterday, I started following Dexter Strickland and Kendall Marshall on Twitter. (P.S. If you want to start following me/need more of my pointless thoughts during the day, click here).

As luck would have it, these guys were playing right across the street from my office at the exact time I get off of work!

I walked up to find 4 UNC starters, all over 6 feet tall, playing against 3 girls, 1 Asian dude, and 2 short whities. I literally couldn’t have picked a more humorous lineup.

I watched for about 15 minutes before Leslie McDonald ninja dunked the ball and took the entire goal (rim, net, etc.) with him and they had to move to another location.

It was super cute to see that these 4 College Bballers and future NBA stars are really just precious young college boys!

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