October 13, 2010

Get well soon...PLEASE!

Having a sick husband is like having a baby.

My husband is currently suffering from a severe form of a life threatening auto-immune disease that is rapidly destroying his body.

Oh wait, no, that's just how he is acting. He in fact has the common cold.

Each sneeze if followed by a deep "uuuuuuuugh". And each nose-blow accented with a pitiful sigh. As if to proclaim to the world (me) that he has the dreaded sniffles and needs the unified pity of the masses to get through it. No sneeze shall go unnoticed!

Last night I forced him to go with me to get some medicine because, let's be honest, not taking medicine is selfish to the person you live with?!

I was waiting in line for a RX so I couldn't hold his hand through the process, but his selections were nothing short of amazing.

In this order, these were the medicines he brought up to me to buy.

1) A $30 box of Mucinex.

We don't make a lot of money folks. I ain't even trying to spend an actual percentage of my paycheck on lugi loosener.

2) A $15 box of the generic version of Mucinex.

Again, too much money. As someone who has bought cold medicine before (which apparently he has not), I know for a fact that you can get what you need for less than $6.

3) A big ole box of Nyquil gel caps.

Now this was hard for me. Should I point out the glaring fact that Nyquil is for Nyghtime? Or should I entertain myself with a husband who doesn't know that he's being slowly sedated?

I decided to tell him.

Finally he got a non-drowsy, non-entire-budget pack of good old fashioned Cough and Cold Medicine.

Here's hoping they work fast because I can't take too much more of the dying husband act.

Guys sure are wimps sometimes!


  1. HAHA - good thing he isn't in your DSW audience.

  2. If he's anything like Robert when he gets a cold you will want him to take the medicine that knocks your ass out so that you don't have to listen to the whining. You may even want some for yourself!