December 31, 2012

From Target to Me to You

Somebody please go buy this dress at Target before they are all sold out.  They are SO cute!  They look like a lot of Lilly Pullitzer dresses I've seen in recent summer seasons.  But guess what!?  Instead of the $200+ that Lilly would charge you, Target will only charge you $24.99!!!
They, especially the green, look less "lacy" and more classy in person.

What. A. Steal!
I absolutely love the blue and green colors.  It also comes in white and black.  I can just picture the belle of the ball/any Southern bridal shower wearing this and fooling people into thinking she all big money.
Unfortunately the smaller size was too short and the larger size was too large, so I didn't get one.  Don't you sometimes which there was a size called a Smedium or a Marge?  You can't just put me in a medium sized box Target!
Someone I know has to buy this.  I can't find the link online but they are in store now and you will just beat yourself up if you see this on some stylish lil' thang next spring and don't have one of your own! 


  1. Both jackets are nice on the color! very beautiful combination. important to choose the right bottom under them

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