December 07, 2012

Yule Tide Mariah

Real Talk.  This video is brilliant for a number of reasons. 
How can you go wrong with fundamental classroom instruments, Jimmy Fallon, cute kids, and the motha freakin' Roots band?!  Answer: You can't.
But the #1 reason why this video is the end all be all of Yuletide merriment is because it showcases the sheer vocal prodigy that is Mariah Carey.  Only the original MC can stand along like this and still sound like an angel we have heard on high.
For real y'all.  You will never see Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus going straight acapella on an ORIGINAL chart topping Christmas song.  It just doesn't happen.  Unless you're Mariah Carey.  In which case thank you ma'am for blessing my ears and the Christmas season with the best Christmas song of all time.  #2 being the ever soulful Silent Night by the Temptations.  Can a sista' get a baritone in here!?

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