December 04, 2012

Southern Hospitality

Have you ever noticed that when you ask people from the south what is in a recipe they always, always wait until the last 2 ingredients to tell you about the mayonnaise and sour cream?  Which is always, always there in a southern recipe.
Last week I had an amazing spicy corn dip with jalapenos.  Kind of like this recipe but so much more complexity of flavor.  Think jalapeno juice!  The ingredients sounded so healthy at first, Mexican corn, green chilies, jalapenos...then here it comes like giant balls of hail pouncing on your food-loving heart...  And just a little mayo.  And sour cream.  And a bag of cheese.
It's like somehow, by admitting to the fattening ingredients last, you allow your heart to play a Jedi Mind Trick on your saddlebagged ass so that you can truly enjoy the delicious dip without feeling guilty.
I'm not saying I don't do the exact same thing, because I do.  You feel the innate instinct as a dip creator to protect your creation from neglect and disuse so you just kind of underplay the severity of the mayonnaise situation going on by using the words "just a little" and lots of tiny hand pinchers to really drive home how innocent your dip is. 
(It is not!)
A lady never sour creams and tells!  Until she is asked, and then she lies just a teeeensy bit.

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  1. I can't imagine who you are talking about right here! When it's good, it's good.