December 11, 2012

The Hobbs Lobbs

Recently a Hobby Lobby came to a shopping center very near my house.  I thought I'd never go because a) I had no earthly idea what it was and b) I have no true "hobbies" as it pertains to crafts and chotchkies.
Well flash forward 1 month and I've:
- Said the words Hobby Lobby more times than any human should
- Been to the store at least 10 times for a wide variety of items
- Saved over $50 because of their unbelievable sales
- Had a 40% off coupon rejected at check out because my items were already on mega sale
- Felt like the biggest red neck ever for using a reejed coupon at a place called Hobby Lobby
But I can't stress it enough.  Go there for all of your random needs.  You need a wreath?  They have a variety of faux decor and it's all 1/2 off.
Still wrapping presents?  Hobby Lobby has bags, wrapping paper, tissues, and bows.  Also 1/2 off. 
Mirrors?  Check!
Cheez Its at check out to keep your kids entertained?  Check!
Knobs in all styles and shades?  Check!
This embodiment of redneckery?  Check!
They've got it all and it's all on sale.  The only that abounds more than fake flowers and knick knacks are the mom jeans and mullets.  And, ladies, that's just fine by me.  (Take a virtual tour here if you don't believe me).  But seriously, just try saying, "I'm going to the Hobby Lobby" and not feeling like a huge redneck.  I say it's not possible.
I also say with sales like these I don't give a damn!

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