December 12, 2012

Money Saver - Save Yo' Cart

I have recently discovered some money saving tips.  Allow me to share.
Did you know that a lot of companies, in an effort to make you come back and buy an item you were previously considering, will end up offering you a discount on your shopping cart after a few days?
It's not a likely tactic for those that want the instant gratification of their order being processed (hello, self), but if you have a little patience you just might save 10-15% on something you at least liked enough to put in your cart in the first place.
This has happened to me with, BallardDesigns.Com, and to name a few.  Go ahead, try it!
It's kind of like those Google Ads you see online that magically happen to advertise your most favorite things.  It's not a coincidence.  The computer can read your mind!

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