December 19, 2012

Girl I want to make you sweat

Well that was interesting...
I have had a pretty stressful month of December, what with my real estate class, the holidays, and life in general.  I just kept waiting and waiting to forget something or lose something because my mind was so all over the place.
It finally happened.  And it definitely could have been worse...but it could not have been hotter.  I just went to the gym and was suiting up for a quick cardio sesh when I realized I forgot my shirt.  Bumm.  er. 
I had already driven the 25 minutes (traffic in Wilmington right now is OUT OF CONTROL!) to the gym so I refused to be defeated by a little lack of breathable material.  I made the awkward decision to just go ahead and put my sweater back on over my sports bra and hit up the elliptical like it wasn't no thang.
The little elbow pads really added to the ridiculousness of the whole look.
Nothing like busting out 35 minutes of cardio in a nice cotton/wool blend.  I was absolutely dripping sweat by the end.  The good news was, the sweater was doing it's job.  The bad news was, everything else.  I looked like a dumbass.  I sweated like a whore in church.  And I might have irreversibly ruined my sweater.  But hey, at least I'm done with one of my day hates for the day!
It goes without saying that the last 2 minute cooldown was not cool.  In any way.  I basically just hotboxed myself in a wool trap.  Good times. 

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