December 23, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Everything But the...

I can finish that sentence.  Everything but the...pizazz.
It turns out that putting so many flavors together, even if they are good on their own, might not result in dairy magic.  This just didn't have much flavor.
Putting a half-ass effort into a lot of things just doesn't have the same special result as putting all your focus on one thing.  Sometimes you just have to let one star shine for it to be bright.  Wait am I talking about ice cream or am I being philosophical?  Back to the lac (tose).  I just didn't like it.  Which was good because the G-man ate this one in record time, so I had about 2 blah bites for research purposes only.
Moving on!
Flavors Tried - 37
Favorite Flavors - Mint Chocolate Cookie, Creme Brulee


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