December 18, 2012


And, I'm back. I've been busy studying for my real estate class exam, and searching for the allusive Fancy. Good news, I passed the former and ate the latter! Both were glorious.
Now I come to bring good tidings and more money saving tips. Have you ever tried the Peppermint Bark from Williams-Sonoma? At $26.95 it's even more expensive than it is delicious. Not exactly what you want in an edible treat, am I right!?
I walked into a Williams Sonoma store last week ready to buy a box or two, BEFORE I saw the outrageous price. When I turned that box over to see that it would cost me over half a hundy to get 2 boxes, I flipped that baby right back over and high-tailed it out the door.
I was prepared to go home and slave over a double-boiler of white chocolate for the next few hours and make my own at a fraction of the cost. That is, until I randomly walked into the Hallmark store (so random) to look for cocktail napkins.
Not only did I find some cutie patooties that say "Merry Christmas, Y'all", I also found the exact same bark for sale for half the price.
Same box and everything!
Christmas is the time to shower the ones you love with gifts and merriment. Not blow your financial wad on two sheets of minty chocolate.
Save your money and go to the Hallmark store for bark. Williams-Sonoma is so over bark-wise. You heard it here first!

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