December 02, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Chubby Hubby

This week's flavor was Chubby Hubby.  I loved it!  My favorite "candy" of all time is a yogurt covered pretzel.  I love the combination of salty and sweet.  The best of both healthy worlds, right?  Needless to say the fudge covered peanut butter filled pretzels were right up my alley. 
Sometimes I wonder who originally thought to combine certain things.  Like who was the first person that said, "I think I need to stuff peanut butter into these pretzels....Wait, that's still not good enough.  I must slather them in chocolate."  Some sort of evil genius I'm sure.
Ironically, my chubby hubby did not like this flavor.  I guess he likes his sweets sweet and his ice cream uninterrupted by savory intruders.  To each his own.  His dislike of this flavor has meant that the pint has survived over a week in the freezer.  Simply unheard of in our house!
I don't know if I'd buy this again because I love a lot of other flavors so much more, but I would not say no to a spoonful mug cup bowl of it if someone put it in front of my face.
Flavors Tried - 36
Favorite Flavor(s) - Mint Chocolate Cookie, Creme Brulee, What a Cluster.  What can I say?  I crave a variety of flavors depending on the day.  I'm very complex.

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