July 28, 2011

Hair Drama

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to redo my fabulously fancy and flattering average blah ponytail at least 15 times before settling on a 'do.

Today my hairday was so finicky that I had to blow through 4 used rubberbands and finally go to a new-old pack to find the perfect elasticity. That's when I made the overdue discovery that Scuni has been taking itself way too seriously ever since I bought this pack of rubberbands back in 2000. And for you layman/bald people, that is pronounced Scrunchi. I think it's a German thing.

Dream. Imagine. Create.

Really Scuni? You're a rubberband. As far as I can tell you are just a circle that makes my greasy hair look less greasy for a little bit longer.

Here's a new slogan idea: Scuni: An elastic circle for yout hair.

Less is more when you are a circle...unless you are the sun?

1 comment:

  1. I could have sworn we have talked about Scunci's slogan before. It is way to dramatic for their product.