July 05, 2011

I don't even know

Last week my mom and I dropped some stuff off at Goodwill. We rang the doorbell so that the person who takes donations would come to the door and help us with the chairs.

I started to walk away after a minute had passed and no one answered the door. Then I hear a voice behind me saying, "Hey sweetheart, how can I help you?"

No it was not an inappropriate old man hitting on me. It was a petite 30-something woman with hair the color of Barbie's Dream House.

She proceeded to lift all 3 giant office chairs by herself, and to call us each "sweetheart" and "sweetie" and "honey" about 10 times in 2 minutes.

My mom tried to get me to take a picture of her hair for the blog, but I was too shy. We were about to give up and go away and then, lo and behold, if a cute little girl in an Asian farmer's hat and a Helly Kitty shirt doesn't walk up and start chatting with Pink Head.

At that point my mom got back out of the car and said, "I have got to take yall's picture. Yall are just too fabulous." The result is the picture above.

It was one of those moments where I felt like both an embarrassed teenager and a chosen person. How does my life consist of so many random diva-esque encounters!?

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