July 14, 2011

London Town! (Read from the bottom up, as blogger is ghetto and not at all British)

Please read this in reverse order, as Blogger is not my friend and I can't figure out how to make them in the right order....So scoot on down...way down!

And that's all she wrote...I hope you enjoyed your divalicious trip across the pond! Happy Friday and Happy travels.

This trip was easy and wonderful. Aside from the kicky Indian kid that sat next to me and karate chopped my seat and tray table for 8 hours. I finally reached my limit after 7 hours and told him to stop. It didn't work.

My cousin had permanent disco balls installed. I couldn't make that up if I tried. Even with a British accent.

Everybody Dance Now!

This was more babysitting. (Out of order b/c computers are stupid). The only rule of our babysitting club was that if you stop dancing you have to go to sleep. L'trally. We are so strict!

And my sister got jealous and got them too. We think our parents will be really proud.

They made me get hair extensions as part of my contract.

Then I got discovered by a modeling agency...For obvious reasons.

Yay I love flowers and giant beers!

This was just weird.

So we rode those bitches for 2 Pounds a go-round. Best over-priced money I've ever spent.

And the sassy rejected step sister JANET!!!!!!!!!!

Prince William

We also met the royal family. Princess Catherine.

This was just the pinnacle of my life. NBD. Screw Jared, my sister and I are without question the #1 Subway fans in the Universe. If there was a way to test it I swear I'd prove it.

My cousin lives in England and we babysat her kids one night. First of all, British kid accents are sooo much cuter than American. If they were ever being annoying, I had no idea because their accents are so sophisticated. My sister is also a bedazzled bag lady sophisticated.

Chit Chattin in a real British phone booth...that smelled like donkeys.

Mmmmm...lunchtime....Oh, and that's Big Ben.

The world's smallest one-ass-cheek Subway seat.

2nd Row baby!

Oh this was just amazing. We went to see Jersey Boys and ordered a glass of Rose each before the show. The bartender then informed us that we could buy the rest of the bottle and it would be waiting for us as the Interval (aka intermission). It's basically like a coat check for theater-going alcoholics.

If you are what you eat, then apparently British kids eat lumpy scoliosis.

This just seemed fancy.

My pseudo-narcoleptic sister seemed really jealous when she realized she hadn't ever thought to try this sleeping position.

Which involved a full fledged parade, band, horses, and more. Oops, our bad.

We thought that one man standing in front of the palace was the actual changing of the guards. Thank goodness we stayed around looking at mullets and scrunciis for 30 minutes because we ended up seeing the actual changing of the guards...

Apparently this is what the apocalypse looks like. Meet the apocalypse salad.

Looking for the changing of the guard and I found this sparkly scrunii. Win-Win!

I went to visit my sister in London last week and here are some of my diva related/note-worthy finds. Please enjoy your vicarious trip through London above! Cheerio!

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