July 27, 2011

Dream Weaver

Last night I had the distinct pleasure and surprise of looking at my mom's calendar and seeing that she was due for her hair weave on August 16 at 11:30am.

You can imagine my surprise to learn that my white mother's short hair is actually a faux head of hair typically intended for black girls.

But then she explained to be that they are going to "weave" the color into her hair, hence the name "hair weave" in her schedule.

I then had the pleasure of explaining to her what a true weave was - you know, fake hair made of plastic. I guess both the hair color process and the fake strands can be considered a weave, but I told that her that in case she died an untimely death and someone got a hold of her calendar, it'd be better to be remembered for having a fake hair color than having plastic hair. She promptly changed her schedule to say Hair Color.

You learn something new everyday!

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