July 18, 2011

Who wants a back scratch??

Ick. My sister sent this link to me this morning.


I do not know how this is even a real story, and it's quite disgusting, but it's understandable that CNN would give a 4:00+ minute slot to this woman because it's not like there are debt crises, civil wars, or natural disasters all over the globe....

Oh wait...

My favorite highlights of the segment are 1) The fact that she has the word "Pork Chop" written on one of her nails, and 2) The fact that she uses a "utensil" to wash her hair. Only she actually pronounces it like UTAANSUUL, around the 3:20 mark.

I'm going to go get a manicure to try to erase the dirtiness that I now feel underneath my nails.