July 28, 2011


WARNING: This post is inspired by a recent episode of Real World/Road Rules Rivals on MTV. It may cause harm to your mental health.

I do not understand adults saying they can't swim. I totally understand that swimming is hard for some people. I was 12 before I learned how to dive, and I got a Most Improved Swimmer award when I was 13 just because I finally learned how to breath every third stroke when doing the freestyle...which they starting teaching me when I was 4. (I also didn't get braces until I was 16, but that's a whole different traumatizing story.)

But when you are 30-something years old, can't you just kind of intuitively figure it out, at least from TV or YouTube.com tutorials??

Maybe I'm being too hard, but since I'm not 12, with a swallowing twitch, and scared of a shark-free pool, I honestly think I could figure out how to swim just from watching TV. Those who can't confound me.

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