July 25, 2011

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that I got a job, starting a week from today. I'll be working at a bakery! Which, believe it or not, is what I wanted to do...more on that later.

The bad news is that I will no longer be able to regale you with titillating tales of water aerobics.

I would love to know what the other ladies in the pool think about my prolonged presence in the class. I've seen other young people do it, but that is usually just for about a week when they are in town on vacation. I've been making cameos for a whole month now.

I am sure they are thinking, "Ok kid, quit freeloading on the Yacht Club membership, do something with your life, and quit trespassing on my circle in the pool."

Well ladies, the end is nigh. Thursday will be my grand finale in water aerobics, because my mom is leaving that day and I refuse to go to a 50+ year old class without a blood-related chaperone.

Next week I will be cracking eggs and taking names. And, God willing, purchasing a pair of chef pants.

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