July 22, 2011

Caress Me Down

I've flown kind of a lot recently and heard a lot of bitching about the whole pat down, pseudo -molestation thing with airport security.

Well I'm here to tell TSA that you ain't hurtin' me.

Hell, I like the pat. I'll take any free massage I can get. Even if it is a cheap 10 second rub-down from a stranger.

I think I do have heightened senses when it comes to back rubs, but I also LOVE free stuff. So this is just a win-win for me.

Try again Government regulations. Mamacita prefers the TLC from a blue-shirt. Just don't give me the see-through-clothes-machine please! There are some areas that not all the situps in the world can mask...even in a computer generated 3D simulation.

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