July 20, 2011

She works hard for the bunion bunny

Today I got a pedicure with my mom at a lovely American-owned shop named Nail City.

The picture above was the scene we walked in to. It was pretty clear as she bounced between one old lady's manicure and one young lady's pedicure...underneath the table...that this was going to be a rushed situation.

Luckily the token-male Vietnamese nail tech showed up from lunch just in time to allow us all our own technician, however. So all lusciousness was not lost.

During the pedicures I also got to thinking how awesome it is that at every one of those walk-in nail salons there is always a matriarch. Which is usually a sassy Vietnamese lady who bosses everyone else around in what sounds like only consonants, while tossing on and off her denim wedges sandals and answering the phone.

The lady pictured above, under the table, was said matriarch. And, as expected, she kicked those wedged heels right off!

I also love how they suddenly ask you if you "no want eyebrow wax?" and "no want paraffin treatment on nails?", like it is going to suddenly dawn on you that your brows are bushy and that you are a hideous beast. That's not just bad sales, that's damn insulting.

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  1. Hilarious post. I was one time offered/suggested a lip wax mid-pedicure. As you know I'm not exactly an arrogant person, but the one thing I'm confident of is my lack of upper lip hair. So, I was extremely offended.