May 02, 2012

Don't Be Tardy

Yesterday I got on the couch to watch the first episode of Kim Zolciak's "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding".  Brilliant, by the way.

Grant kept giving me the dirtiest look like I was CRAZY for getting excited for this.  Which I probably am, but that is an entirely different story. 

I finally asked him why he was being so strict because he watches shows about people voluntarily getting stuck in the woods for a month.  This was just standard trash for me.

As it turns out, he misread the abbreviated title on the DVR as "Don't Be a Tard" and assumed I was just a really bad person.

Sure, considering content maybe the titles could be interchangeable.  But give a girl some credit.  I would never, ever watch a show called "Don't Be a Tard".  Unless of course Kim Zolciak was in it!!  Then it'd record it every week. :)

By the by, how is that woman pregnant again already!?  She is one fertile myrtle!

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