May 14, 2012

Are you Mom too much?

Have you seen the most recent cover of Time Magazine?  It's all about "Attachment Style Parenting" and it's intense.

Here's my take on the whole situation: If you have to name something a "style", especially your parenting approach, than it's probably too extreme.

People who raise their kids normally don't call it "Normal Style Parenting".  It's just called Parenting. 

Also, if your kid is old enough to drive his own Big Wheels, he's too old to be feeding from your teet.

There ain't enough camouflage in the world to hide the weirdness of this mother-son relationship.  But nice try with the cargo pants.

What intrigues me most about this cover is how it might have come to be.  Do you think they did a nationwide call for "moms who admittedly breastfeed their kids way past the point of normal"?  Or perhaps the editor goes to the same church?  Who knows.

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