May 22, 2012

Make Me Over

I just found the best deal on makeup I've ever found (that isn't from a drug store).  I just went to Ulta to find some makeup for my sister's wedding.  I almost bought a trio of one brand for $28.  Then I saw this: 
Only $39 for all 5 items - Unheard of!

It's $149 worth of Smashbox makeup for only $39!  And I'm not just being a sucker and believing this to be true.  If you actually add up the value of the 5 separate items that is the amount you would pay a la carte.

The blush is a great pink color I know I'll love.  The eye liner is "Stone" (brownish), so you can't go wrong with that.  There's primer and a great shiny lip gloss that won't make you look like a whore.  And a pallet of 4 eye shadows and an "illuminator" color that I would had pick if I could choose my own colors.  They are all neutral-ish.  I'm a neutral girl.

In fact, I'm not really a makeup girl at all.  I just threw away some eye shadow that had actual rust on it (probably from high school), and I have bought mascara a total of 3 times in my entire life.  That's not just not-into-makeup...that's borderline unsanitary.

But now that I know there are deals like this out there I might start collecting shadows, brushes, blush - oh my!

Here's a closeup of the eye shadows in real life so you can see they are much more neutral and not all shades of multi-ethnic foundation like the box indicates.  Trust me, I don't just have terrible taste.  The box really doesn't show the true colors.  
I will make you beautiful!!

Don't believe me!?  Go to your local Ulta and find it in the Smashbox aisle.  Great value, and options!!

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