May 08, 2012

There's No We in I

Do you want to know what really rubs me the wrong way? 

When people say "we" when they really mean YOU.  For instance, when someone says, "Can WE create ________ for _______?  And can WE have it ready by today?"

What I want to respond with: "No, WE will not.  But I will, and you know damn well that's what you meant the whole time."

What I end up responding with: "Ok."...Silent rage.

Not only is it as if you don't have the courage to just straight up tell me what to do, it also implies that you are going to take credit for the work that "we" did by myself.  Double Whammy!

If you don't have the brains to do something yourself, at least have the balls to admit that you are straight up getting someone else to do it.

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