May 30, 2012

Words With Friends, but definitely not lovers

Ever since I got an iPhone I've been playing a lot of Words With Friends.  Besides being slightly annoying, the ads at the end of each play are also kind of depressing. 

Find Local Singles!
Check Out Singles in Your Neighborhood!
Lonely?  Find Available Singles!

The fact that these singles ads are so prevalent on Words With Friends makes me think that maybe it's kind of a lame past time. 

It also makes me think that if I was in fact single, staying home on a Friday night, playing Words With Friends, and these ads kept appearing, I would become very, very sad about the state of my life.

Somehow even though I do all of those things, knowing that the ads don't apply to me as a married lady make me feel infinitely better.

Something about the combination of playing glorified Scrabble with perfect strangers and being taunted about being single and/or alone feels even more brutal coming from such a pocket-sized device!

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