May 23, 2012

I Don't

Just when you thought weddings, weddings accessories, weddings favors, wedding traditions, and wedding budgets couldn't get more ridiculous, UGG introduces the "I DO" collection of wackass footwear.,default,sc.html?icid=ft_wedding

I've heard a lot of brides recently say that they wore Tom's to their wedding.  They make a sparkly silver pair and, while still not very attractive in my opinion, at least they are comfortable, less than $100, and give back to a child bride in a poor country who can't afford her own wedding shoes.

No so with the UGG line.  One pair of the iridescent "Sparkles I Do!" boot will set you back an eye-popping $225.  Holy matrimony!!  That's a lot of money for a lot of ugly.  Plus, my feet would be sweating so hard in those fur lined fuglies.  Being a bride + faux fur around my feet would definitely = a nervous puddle of awkward for me.

I've never understood the appeal of the UGG anyway.  They are expensive, do nothing for your thighs, and can totally slopp up any otherwise cute, casual outfit.  I think my mom actually bought the first pair of UGGs ever.  Ironically, she wasn't trying to be stylish.  She just values comfort so much she was willing to pay the price.  (It should be noted that they were the slipper version, not the ankle boot.  So she still succeeded in not being cliche...or stylish.)

If I were ever to spend that much money on shoes, I would at least buy something awesome and unique that I could wear to lots of occasions.  When else could you possibly pull off a shiny, rhinestoned winter boot.  Unless you're Mariah Carey who goes to Aspen just to walk around in fur trimmed articles of clothing, good luck with that!

I say if you are going to try to be unique, spend $15 on a pair of Reef's flip flops and just enjoy the fact that no one can see your feet anyway.  Unless you are wearing a mini-skirt or mullet wedding dress, in which case that's a whole different story.

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