May 10, 2012

Back That Pipe Up

Ever since we got a washing machine (which, by the way was back in November), we have had an odd gurgling sound in our kitchen sink when we do the wash.  That was right after this happened, so I never had a lot of confidence in our whole plumbing system to begin with.

I insisted every time it gurgled that we needed to get a plumber.  He insisted every time that it was normal and "just because it was all connected."  Riiiiight.

Then the noise spread to my bathroom sink.  It all eventually got too close to the surface for me to accept that it was "normal" anymore, so I finally put my foot down and enlisted the help of a plumber.  Grant met him today and, lo and behold, we had two problems.

He tried explaining it to me with a metaphor about Pineapple Juice and how you have to punch two holes in the can to get it flow properly.  If I was a betting lady I'd put $100 on this being an explanation that he stole from the plumber and totally mixed up somehow.

Regardless, in my quest to be as obnoxious as possible, I thought of a brilliant new way to succeed today when I asked Grant, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how right would you say that I was about this being a problem?"

He just said, "I am so not answering that question."

So even though we probably have to spend about $300 on this whole mess and I have to share a shower with a boy for 4 days (ewwww!), at least I thought of a cutting edge new way to say "I told you so!"

Use it ladies!

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