May 03, 2012

Confessions of An Average Lady

I've been having a cray cray week at work and just haven't thought of that many funnies to lay on you so far.  But in the spirit of not falling completely off the radar, here are some thoughts for the week:

- If heaven were a pant, it would be this one - Mossimo Yoga Pants from Target
This is literally the most comfortable pant I've ever had the pleasure of wearing.  And at $14.99, I got them in gray and black!  And I probably would have gotten more if I'd seen all these dope colors in the store.  Thighs, rejoice in comfort!!
*Bonus - I didn't know until searching for this link that I bought something in the Junior's Section.  That surely hasn't happened for the better part of a decade.  So now I'm comfortable and hip as shit.  Woot woot!

- I had an ironic realization this week.  I use all natural cleaning products in my bathroom, but not my kitchen.  You would think I'd care more about my food prep surfaces than my makeup prep counter.  This really confuses the expression "Don't Shit Where You Eat".  Either way, I hate cleaning.

-The most annoying part of having your credit card information stolen and used (for the 2nd this year....grrrr) is not that someone is stealing your hard earned money.  It's the subsequent emails you get from your cable provider, and your cell phone provider, and your power provider, etc. letting you know that your payment has been rejected.  As a person who prides herself on doing and paying everything the exact second she receives a bill, these sorts of rejections really hurt.  Getting wait listed at Vanderbilt?  Eh, OVER IT.  Time Warner Cable telling me my payment "was declined by your financial institution"?  That I just cannot handle.

- This weekend, I am hosting my sister's bachelorette party.  Not only will it be a fabulous group of girls to hang with, we also get to celebrate Cinco de Mayo together!  I've called to confirm my reservation approximately 5 times so far.  I've loving Mexican food this much is wrong...I clearly don't care that much about being thin.  After a poo poo week I've never needed 1) My sister, 2) A weekend, and 3) A margarita more.  My excitement can best be summed up like this:

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