May 09, 2012

Amendment WTF Were You Thinking

I am in disbelief that Amendment 1 passed in NC yesterday.  I won't say, like many people have, that I am ashamed of North Carolina.  I'm just ashamed and feel pity for the individuals who voted for the Amendment to ban gay marriage.  I really didn't think that people in this day and age still had that capacity for ignorance and close-mindedness.

I voted yesterday because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't.  Not because I thought my vote mattered.  I assumed that everyone in their right mind would vote against it.  I clearly underestimated the amount of hatred and stupid there is in the world.

I would seriously like for one person who voted for Amendment One to tell my why he or she did so.  And please, don't quote the Bible.  Because I'm sure the Bible never mentions that "Thou Shalt Wear Copious Amounts of Hair Gel All the Time," but I'm sure some of the same people who voted for Amendment One will also vote for Mitt Romney.

I truly don't understand how anyone could believe that two people, probably people they don't even know, being married can affect their life negatively in anyway.  And I'm not buying the "sanctity of marriage" argument.  There are a lot of man-wife marriages out there in which spouses cheat and beat on each other.  Where's the sanctity in that? 

It's about love.  It's about commitment.  And it's about the right to register at Pottery Barn for new linens.  JK.  It's a CIVIL RIGHT people.  How can you conceivably argue that that right shouldn't apply to a group of people!?  How is that not the exact same as racial discrimination which we all decided almost 5 decades ago was criminal?

I'd like to argue that if gay people can't be awarded the same right to marry who they want to in the state of North Carolina, then they should not have to pay into certain state taxes that ultimately benefit legally recognized married people.  Sure, that sounds petty and illogical.  But sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  And in this case that fire is just sparked by some assbackwards hatred that I cannot even wrap my mind around.

In fact, that's not just assbackwards.  That's bullshit.

This is why I have never been able to get on board with politics in general.  If people can't be rational when it comes to basic social justices, how are they to be trusted when making decisions regarding what is fair in terms taxing the public and controlling the level of health care they receive.

This is a sad event in the history of our great state.  I hope no other states follow suit.


  1. FACT: The last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage.

    It's hard to believe a state as wonderful and beautiful as NC is home to voters that are uninformed and BEHIND THE TIMES.

    I can't wait until gay marriage is legal everywhere (it's only a matter of time) and all people will be able to have the rights they deserve.

    Preach on, sista!

  2. Sad? We have a democratic system in place where we are allowed to vote freely and the majority wins. I think some are upset that their beliefs differ from others but regardless it is a tough situation out there.

  3. about 15 years ago, civil unions and companies giving benefits to domestic partners was quite normal. Nobody objected and the issue of Gay Couples was a non issue and really a sleeper issue.
    If the situation had been allowed to evolve most States would allow same sex unions with full rights the same as marriage.
    Then in California they decided that it was not enough to be accepted, you have to be approved by everyone, and anyone who did not approve of your lifestyle was a Bigot. That is what got you into this mess.
    As far as "give me one reason why someone would be against this"
    In MA, gay marriage is taught in the Schools. As it is within the State law it can be taught and a parent can do nothing about it. In MA a catholic charity gave financial help to couples that wanted to adopt children but could not afford it.
    Within months of the law being passed the Charity was Sued.
    They went out of Business as they could not afford the legal costs. So much for helping families.

  4. Preach, girl...I cried several times yesterday thinking about the nonsense--