May 18, 2012

Riddle Me This

Why do clothing websites feel the need to divide the clothes you put on the top part of your body into so many different categories?  Tunics, Tops, Shirts, Blouses, Knit T's, etc. 

Aren't those all shirts!?  Let's not over complicate the matter,, etc.  You know who you are!  A shirt is a shirt, by any other name would still be a damn shirt!

Also, why are tunics, seemingly a summertime shirt, all long-sleeved and made of unbreathable material?  How about we collectively get rid of the sleeves, apply the technology of Under Armour to summer clothes, and quit sweating through our adorable Trina Turk hot pink tunics...which, for all intents and purposes, are better suited for winter months.

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