May 16, 2012

The call is coming from the inside

Have I ever told you that I work directly above a Mexican Restaurant?  It's actually not as dangerous as it sounds.  I never, ever want Mexican for lunch, as my employers don't allow nap time. 

However, I have noticed something interesting about the people that work there.  When I go get the mail behind the building, because I'm the more important person in my company, I always see an employee of the restaurant sitting in his or her car.  What is this all about?  Are they being sent to timeout?  Do they just love their cars that much?

Whatever it is, it's muy interesante.  And it also reminded my of something else I've never told you.  AKA, the scariest thing anyone has ever said to me:

"Oh, I saw you last night at K38 eating at the bar with your husband."  (That is my all time favorite restaurant in town, btw and it was my coworker who said this to me).

This is scary for a multitude of reasons, but mainly these:

1) He saw me, but I didn't see him.

2) Which means I was eating chips and salsa in the typical fashion that I do when no one is watching - With reckless abandon.

3) He now knows how much and how fast I eat and drink, and he knows that my husband does it too.

4) He knows I live nowhere near that restaurant so it's now out there that I commute for Mexican food.

5) He didn't say "Hi" because after seeing #2-5 he's probably scared I'll eat him too.

After he initially told me he saw me I was wracking my brain trying to remember if I'd eaten food off the table or single handedly finished off a basket of tortilla chips.  Probably both were true, but I can't even remember now.  Selective memory I guess. 

On the bright side, I always check all of my surroundings now when entering a Mexican Restaurant, and I try to keep my chip intake to a 100-chip mzimum in case someone is watching.

Fellow Mexican Food Lovers, look alive!  Someone could be watching you too!

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