October 08, 2010


Yesterday at the gym I was reading a November 2005 copy of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. I found it in some old pile in my office, hence the vintage date.

While thumbing through the Healthfamily section Q&A, I literally busted out laughing at the following question:

Q: My husband gets on my for holding back my sneezes. Is there anything wrong with doing this?

Now I'm no medical professional or relationship expert, but if that was a serious concern of this woman, than marriage must have been a lot more peechy keen back in the 2005's.

Unfortunately the answer isn't what it should be. Like, "Please stop wasting my time, grab a tissue, and love your husband." But it does quote Ben Franklin: "You should sneeze proudly". Which was both unexpected and deepy moving.
In a world with with AIDS, cancer, and deadly diseases, kudos to the sneeze for refusing to be silenced!

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