October 20, 2010

Heil brandnames!

You know the expression, "That's just something ugly people say"?
Well, this might just be something poor people say, but I do NOT like name brand logos on anything.

The above pictures are some examples of what I'm talking about. Sunglasses are explained later.

To me these logos are just expensive ways of letting everyone else know that you are able to spend lots of money on shoes, etc. while they are not.

And don't even get me started on fakes. Buying a fake Rolex, Gucci purse, or Coach wallet is like saying, "I don't make enough to spend a ridiculous amount on accessories, but I want people to think I do so they will feel inferior, even though we are in the same socioeconomic status." It's basically like wanting to be pretentious, instead of just being pretentious. Which me thinks is a major offense.

Anywho, back to Earth...my mom told me a story yesterday that just filled my heart with delight.
She said one of the ladies in her bridge group told a story of her young grandson who was just learning symbols in school.

He asked her, "Gigi, why do you have a swastika on your shoes?"

Pause for guttural laughter and to let you guess what the brand name the shoes were?

If you guessed Tory Birch you're right! And probably a brand whore yourself...J/K
How funny is it that someone would spend $195 on shoes only to be mistaken for a Nazi?
Don't get me wrong. People can wear whatever the hell they want. But until I can come out with my own DSW brand of super sexy, slimming, elastic banded, stain resistant clothing, all for under $10, the only brand name I'll be wearing is the Bud Light I accidentally spilled on my jeans...which, by the way, only cost $25 ;)

P.S. One time I went to NYC with some gals and their moms when I was about 12. Every other girl my age bought fake Oakleys. I, and the 6 year old little sister of my friend, bought glasses that looked like the Statue of Liberty with spikes, stripes, and stars (pictured above). Apparently I've always been this obnoxious.


  1. I can't believe you still have those glasses.
    Great blog, I have passed it on to GiGi.

  2. Uh oh. I hope she doesn't mind me talking about those shoes!

  3. I will be a loyal customer to the DSW brand when it is launched.