October 01, 2010


Last night I went to a pretty awesome yoga class. I actually worked up a sweat, it was pretty hard, and, much to my surprise, the teacher wasn't that weird. Usually I find yoga teachers to be very strange and smelly.

During our 5 minute wind down meditation, I kept thinking about how impressively normal this teacher was. Then, wait for it...

He bid us adieu by saying, "I bless the light and life in each of you."

Yikes, getting a little to zen for me.

Then the real kicker...

"Also, this Saturday I'm teaching a voluntary class at my home at 6am, followed by a vegetarian potluck and an outdoor campfire."

Meat eater says what?!

A) If you think I'm waking up at 6am on Saturday, you're crazy.

B) If I am going to wake up that early for anything, there better be a mixed medley of breakfast meats involved.

C) If this schedule looks the way I think it does, that campfire is going to be around 9am. Somehow ghost stories and organic s'mores just don't carry that same nostalgia when the sun is still rising.

Survey says: Yoga teachers are still weird. But I really liked the class :)

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