October 18, 2010

No Break 2010

Being married to someone in grad school is a funny thing.

My husband's Fall Break is this week and he is planning a big camping trip.

What am I doing, all his friends ask? Well, I will be continuing my job that sadly has no fall break.

What delusional world are these people living in?

The "best" was this summer when my husband lived in another city for his internship. Every single person I saw asked me if I would be joining him for the summer.

This is basically like asking, "I know it took you 5 months of networking to find a job in NC to begin with, but aren't you going to give that up to be with your husband for his 3 month internship like a proper wife? And is it 1941 or 1942?"

It's not like I'm a feminist or anything, but that's just illogical and outdated thinking. Not to mention the recession and the fact that jobs aren't exactly falling out of trees these days.

It's also just a sad reminder that I don't have a break and will be left all alone to churn butter in my apron, or whatever proper married women did back in yesteryear.

Gotta go plan my nonexistent Spring Break 2K11!!!

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