October 01, 2010

Call on me, Call on me


There was a death in the family last night...and she was only 7 months old!


That little gal mentioned in the link above got water-freaking-logged last night. And even after an overnight bath in wild rice, still won't come to.

I wish I could say it was because I accidentally dropped it in the hot tub while going for a soak with Paul Rudd and his hilarious homeboys.

Sadly though that was not the case.

It drowned in a heated baking experiment gone right, then gone terribly wrong. While making these beautiful pumpkin-cinammon streusel buns above, I took my eye off of the increasingly wet countertop drowning from hand washed dishes (curses for not having a dishwasher!). The results were fatal.

However, the baking results were delicious. After spending only one hour kneading the dough by hand, over an hour waiting for the dough to rise, and about 30 minutes in the oven, the outcome was a delicious fall-inspired pastry.

I have since ordered a new (pimped-out Internet phone, omg omg omg finally!), which should arrive sometime today.

For the throngs of you that have been trying to hit up my cell piece to no avail, holla at me sometime after 5 today. Or email, because I can do that too now ;)

P.S. This above picture is not from my actual rolls. In addition to my phone being broken, my computer also has a serious case of the shakes that prevent me from using it at all since I can't read the screen. I can't wait to spend my whole day Sunday with the Geek Squad. Oh technology, how I worship and abhor you.

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