October 07, 2010

Guys and Dolls

I have the sinking feeling that I'm the only one out there that watches The Spin Crowd on E!, but just humor me while I talk about the shock of my week so far.

This show, which I willingly admit is wicked stupid, is based around these two flouncing queens that run a PR company in LA...or so I thought.

On the last episode on Sunday, Jonathan Cheban, the uber nipped and tucked owner of the firm says he has a date...WITH A GIRL!

I was stunned.

Check out this little clip to see why I 100%, would have bet my life on it, no doubt in my mind thought he was gay.

The best part is that she ends up breaking up with him because he won't stop eating meat, not because he loves to have sex with other men.

P.S. Jonathan is the one with the hey hey middle part.

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