October 13, 2010

All my stylish ladies

Hey you!

Have you ever heard of Boden USA?

Check out the website or, better yet, getchu a catalog.

Something about these clothes makes me feel like I have to have them or I'll die.

Oh wait, does that make me sound materialistic? Oh well...

If you order anything before October 22 you get 10% off and free shipping and returns.

Even though I'm trying desperately to save money, I literally had to order 2 dresses and a shirt last night.

Maybe it's because the company is based out of England, but I seriously feel in my heart that if I don't own these clothes immediately I am going to miss out on a huge international opportunity.

As I always say: SHOP ON DIVAS, SHOP ON!

1 comment:

  1. So weird! I actually have this catalog on my desk right now!