June 30, 2010

Time is a tricky thang

Right now during my work hours, I'm sporting a very ridiculous watch.

I always wear a "sports" watch to work so I don't sweat in my nice watch when I work out afterwards. Unfortunately my traditional looking sports watch crapped out on me circa mid May.

$7 Walmart piece o' crap to the rescue! I'm telling you, this thing is so crappy the plastic actually smells cheap. Not to mention it's so big that it sits about 1/2 inch from wrist to watch face.

The funny part is I think my coworkers think that I think that it's actually awesome. You should see some people's faces when they catch a glimpse of it when I'm reaching in the office fridge or washing my hands in the bathroom.

I even got a "compliment" on it the other day. You know the type of compliment people give you when you catch them staring and they feel like they have to say something just because you caught them looking?

In my defense, I actually went to the mall with all intentions of getting one of those Michael Kors gold big beautiful bitches. But it ended up being just too big when I tried it on.

But I decided I shouldn't be punished just because the only part of my body that is remotely thin is my wrists.

With this heinous time telling monstrosity, I can have my ghetto fabulous $7 piece of time and eat it too!

P.S. The calendar you see is the itinerary for my bomb@$$ two week honeymoon. Wooooo hooooo for organization and new cultures!

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