June 29, 2010

Home is where the elusive magical apartment is

In Bachelorette news, I want nothing more than to see Ali Fedotowsky’s apartment.

For as many times as she’s complained about her sacrifices, specifically, “I gave up my job, my apartment! to be on this show…”, that apt better be lined in gold and infused with a metabolic increasing atmospheric pressure.

I’ve lived in an apartment before ladies and gents. I’ve even been in other people’s apartments before!

I think I can safely say that “giving up my apartment” is officially NOT that big of a sacrifice.

Giving up your children? Yes, that is a big deal. Giving up your rights to the cure for cancer? Yes, also a big deal.

Apartments? Not so much


  1. I dont know queen diva, if I gave up my place for one of the losers on that show, I'd be pretty bummed out. I have a rent controlled (under $1,000) studio in Dupont. I'm not even sure I'll give that up for my yet-to-be-determined husband! :)

  2. I completely agree. I'd be bummed out if I even gave up a vacation day for those losers. I definitely wouldn't give up that apt unless you had a really good prenup. Rent control is no laughing matter!

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